Compliance Assist

Campus Labs’ Compliance Assist is the University’s strategic planning, assessment, and accreditation software.  Compliance Assist facilitates the documentation of assessment efforts, including detailed information about methods, results, and action plans. It also creates role-based reports that showcase campus achievements and institutional effectiveness.  Contact the Office of Assessment and Accreditation for information on how you can get started working with Compliance Assist today!

Check out our Assessment Briefs publication for an overview and updates about the new system:

Getting Started:

  • Click here to access Compliance Assist
  • If you don’t currently have access, email to set up your user name and password.
  • Please attend a Compliance Assist workshop, view the training videos, and/or read the user guide before entering data.


  • All assessment data and reports located in a centralized system
  • No more combing through numerous documents and folders seeking meaningful assessment results
  • Ability to collect, organize, and maintain assessment artifacts and data throughout the year
  • Departmental assessment efforts can be linked to division and university goals and objectives, as well as across departments
  • Faster and more robust reporting capabilities
  • Workflow management and progress tracking functionalities
  • Ability to upload supporting documentation (survey results, exam data) and link DIRECTLY to the corresponding goals and objectives!


Ongoing training options will be offered through Assessment Academy live workshops and webinars and online Canvas modules.  Individual and group training is readily available by appointment. 

Upcoming Compliance Assist Workshops

How-To Videos:

Short video clips will be available to provide step-by-step instructions on performing the basic data entry, file uploading and reporting functions in Compliance Assist. 

User Guides:

Step-by-Step Guide to Entering an Annual Report into Compliance Assist

Step-by-Step Guide to Updating Strategic Plan Data (Goals and Objectives)

Old Annual Report Template vs. New Annual Report Template:  What's Different This Year

Step-by-Step Guide to Entering SLO Assessment Reports

There is a wealth of supplemental information available through the Help link (upper right hand corner) in Compliance Assist and this website to assist you with navigating Compliance Assist. For additional questions please contact