Senior Survey

*Content coming Fall 2017*

The Senior Survey is administered at UNC Charlotte on a rolling basis to undergraduates when they apply for graduation. These graphs show data from students graduating in 2012-2013 and in 2015-2016. These data are also reported to the UNC General Administration (typically every 3 years).

The purpose of this survey is to collect information about graduating seniors' experiences at UNC Charlotte, including students' satisfaction teaching, advising, and various services on campus. Students also self-report how their education at UNC Charlotte has contributed to their development of important outcomes, such as critical thinking and communication skills. Use the links below to navigate through the survey data.

Survey Respondents

Administrative Offices


Auxiliary Services

Career Center Staff and Services

          Extracurricular Activities

Instructors and Teaching

Intellectual and Personal Development

IT Services


         Student Affairs Services

         Parking and Transportation

Overall Experiences

Plans for Post-Graduation


Additional details about this survey may be available. Internal UNC Charlotte users: Dashboards are available in UNC Charlotte's Tableau Online Server, in the Assessment and Accreditation subfolder. All relevant dashboards are tagged 'Senior Survey'. Program-level data may also be available for this survey upon request.