Grand Challenges in Assessment Project

The Grand Challenges for Assessment in Higher Education project is a collaborative effort endorsed by ten higher education organizations to create national strategic plans to address pressing challenges facing assessment in higher education. 

A number of national and international organizations have identified grand challenges to unify the efforts of scholars and practitioners in a field and catalyze meaningful and lasting progress. Singer-Freeman and Robinson (2020) solicited feedback on potential grand challenges discussed in the literature by surveying members of the assessment community and presenting the results at national meetings. This work resulted in the identification of four challenges with broad support from the assessment community. The leadership team has selected work group co-chairs and created a plan for national strategic planning around these issues.

These working groups are now creating strategic plans to address the challenges.  The initiative will run through July 2021, and working groups will produce conference presentations and articles to be published in Assessment Update. We are excited about this project and its potential to effect change in higher education. 

Read more about the top Grand Challenges here

Singer-Freeman, K. E., & Robinson, C. (2020). Grand challenges in assessment: Collective issues in need of solutions. NILOA Occasional Paper 47. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois and Indiana University, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment. 1-18.

Singer-Freeman, K. E., & Robinson, C. (2020). Grand challenges for assessment in higher education. Journal of Research and Practice in Assessment. 1-20.

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Grand Challenges Working Groups

Grand Challenge

Working Group Chairs

Leadership Team Liaison

Using assessment findings to increase equity

Shannon Milligan

Ciji Heiser 

Group Membership

Christine Robinson

 Using assessment findings to direct immediate pedagogical improvements

Meridith Garcia

Jessica Taylor

Group Membership

Call to Action

Jane Marie Souza

Chelsea Lyles

 Producing visible and actionable assessment findings that drive innovation 

Carley Dear 

Melissa Williams

Group Membership

Call to Action

Jeremy Penn

Gianina Baker

Using assessment findings to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness over time 

Justin Hoshaw

Megan Schramm-Possinger

Group Membership

Call to Action

Dan Bureau

Alexa Wesley