Institutional and State Committees

Institutional Effectiveness Oversight Committee (IEOC)

The principal purpose of the Institutional Effectiveness Oversight Committee (IEOC) is to ensure that the campus-wide and divisional goals in the five-year Institutional Plan are subject to an annual assessment that determines progress toward their achievement. To achieve its principal purpose, the IEOC will:

  • Ensure that the essential elements for the annual assessment (above) are present in the campus-wide and divisional plans.
  • Review annual Institutional Effectiveness Reports. 
  • Make recommendations to the Chancellor concerning possible improvements in expected outcomes and associated measurement plans.
  • Review revised Institutional Effectiveness Report templates prepared as a result of the Chancellor’s Summer Planning Retreat.  

Academic Affairs Assessment Team (AAAT)

The Academic Affairs Assessment Team (AAAT) was formally established in 2006. The purpose of the team is to bring together assessment professionals from the seven colleges, Undergraduate Education, Atkins Library, and Student Affairs to discuss assessment issues, share assessment data and best practices, and collaboratively brainstorm solutions to assessment problems.

UNC System Assessment Council

In 2015, the UNC Assessment Council was formed based upon the recommendation from the UNC General Education Council.  The goal is for the UNC System to become a “national leader” in the assessment of student learning. Quarterly conference calls and annual face-to-face meetings address best practices in assessments.

UNC System Accreditation Council

UNC Accreditation Council addresses SACSCOC accreditation topics and policies and procedures that would impact accreditation.  Quarterly conference calls and annual face-to-face meetings address changes in accreditor, state, and federal policies related to institutional accreditation.