Program Review Process

UNC Charlotte’s Program Review Process is intended to:

  • Assess quality and effectiveness

  • Stimulate planning and improvement

  • Ensure that goals are consistent with University strategic priorities

  • Support budgeting

At minimum, the academic program review process should include:  1) an examination of the function of the program, department, or unit; 2) a self-assessment; 3) an evaluation from key stakeholders; and 4) a final report including an overview of the review process, major findings and an action plan. The cycle of review concludes two years later with a report describing the actions taken as a result of the review. Academic program reviews should be conducted every 5-7 years and no less than every 10 years. Considerations that might lead to a delay beyond 7 years include a recent transition to a new director, recent significant organizational change, and compliance or other certification schedules. Every unit reporting to the Provost should conduct a program review for their area. The Office of Assessment and Accreditation offers consultation and support on the development of the program review.